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JAS Professional is a service offered to organisations that have the need to minimise WRMSD risk and need more resources than they have available.  Joint Action’s team of in-house professionals and partners are specialists in delivering work place risk reduction.

The services range from basic data collection through to thoroughly engineered solutions.

JAS Professional can be used ad hoc to address a particular issue, a longitudinal study that explores a shift or an entire process or an on-going service delivering an entire programme.

Some clients use our services to simply develop task libraries and identify priorities. Others have an on-going program of coaching and training for their work force. Some businesses prefer to use their own JAS systems to identify the tasks that require deeper risk controls and have the JAS team explore solutions remotely.

JAS Professional Services come in a range of solution offerings including:Auto generated reports

  1. Task Risk Analysis data capture
  2. ​Worker coaching and training
  3. Complete ergonomic analysis
  4. Risk control recommendations and design
  5. Engineering solutions

 If you are a small business or business unit that requires an issue addressed without the need to purchase a JAS system, we can do that for you.
We can examine your work task assessments remotely, identify recommended risk controls, then implement and validate improvements.

Reports can be delivered without ever needing to step foot on site. All level of reporting options are available from high level to detailed legal proceeding matters.

Our team are highly experienced.  We have partners in Australia, NZ, USA and UK that we work with to deliver comprehensive solutions in vast geographic reaches.

Contact us to learn which professional is suited to your need.