What we're about

Our passion is reducing the impact on worker’s lives from WRMSD Injury. Our founders have worked tirelessly in developing methods to identify risk of injury and risk controls to eliminate or minimise them. 

From work in the shearing industry to academic research resulting in a study of the forces involved in sheep shearing that was awarded the 2003 Ig Nobel Prize for Physics.1  

Our medical, scientific, industry and academic personnel recognise that business can be more productive, have greater efficiencies and lower costs by addressing these issues for the benefit of workers, for regulatory compliance and a better world.

Many safety professional say that “a least with a bad back, you get to go home to your family” and therefore see MSD as a lower priority even though it has high volume, the direct impact on the business is low. Research shows that the impact on the individual is high, the frequency is high, and this is causing regulators to act.

Journal of Law and Medicine published research by Davis, M-C., Ibrahim, J. E., Ranson, D., Ozanne-Smith, J., & Routley, V. (2013). Work-related musculoskeletal injury and suicide: Opportunities for intervention and therapeutic jurisprudence. Journal of Law and Medicine, 21(1), 110-121 that identifies a link between the impact of WRMSD and deaths.