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With this simple to use tool, JAS Performance, businesses can achieve better results implementing best practice internally without the need for external expertise. This promotes a culture of care and change while keeping costs low, compliance high and promoting your business as an industry leader in the management of MSDs.

JAS Performance is the most powerful MSD injury risk assessment system developed for business. JAS Performance is suited to companies that perform manual handling to empower them to develop best practice MSD management to:
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Reduce injury claims
  • Improve worker safety
  • Improve work task efficiencies
  • Develop better training techniques; and
  • Improve compliance obligations Worker being assessed fro MSD
JAS Performance uses non-invasive wearable sensor technology with an iPad App to capture musculoskeletal data, then analyse tasks against a comprehensive injury database and generate an easy to read consequential score report for manual handling risk assessment.

The reports are used to:
  • Identify high risks MSD tasks for priority treatment
  • Create a work task library of defined risks
  • Validate the effectiveness of the Hierarchy of Control changes
  • Improve manual handling training
  • Assess effectiveness of Personal Protection Equipment; and
  • Meet compliance obligations in risk reduction strategies
JAS Performance delivers fast, reliable data analysis in real time. Reports are displayed on screen, captured in a PDF report and stored on a central portal for further analysis and reporting.