JAS Portal 

Joint Action has developed solutions to cut the cost of work related musculoskeletal disorders by providing tools that create automated risk assessments to the standards without needing expensive experts on hand.  The applications, JAS Performance and JAS Premium, are supported by a powerful Portal to make the data useful to professionals, management and staff.

JAS Performance and Premium deliver fast, reliable data analysis of risks in real time. Reports are displayed on screen and real time comparison of pre and post risk controls can be displayed simultaneously.

The JAS Portal is a cloud based repository of all work tasks analysed and provides reporting capability against tasks.  Safety Managers can be alerted to work tasks that have high to extreme risks.  When risk controls are performed, they can be alerted to those that have reduced risk, and more importantly, where risk controls need further improvement, allowing priority treatment of engineering solutions.

Dashboard summaryThe benefits are that the company can identify high risk tasks for action, examine risk controls to validate risk reduction and cost justify risk controls in a fast effective and objective way.

The central management means that tasks can be assessed remotely without the need for experts to be on site. Management can prioritise budget expenditure on the most critical tasks.

Where risk controls have been effective, any videos can be used for training and induction purposes shared from the central portal.
Work tasks can be created and managed centrally from the portal assigned to assessors anywhere.
Summary of task outcomes
Data and reports can be downloaded and incorporated into broader overall analysis or integrated into existing Work Health and Safety Systems. Companies can effectively report risk reductions to insurance companies for lower premium negotiations.

The power of the portal is its simple, easy to manage system for assigning risk assessments, verifying results and reporting outcomes.