Joint Action has a team of work safety professionals, experienced medical practitioners, ergonomists, sports scientists, physiotherapists, computer specialists and academics whose award winning contributions are the foundation of the company and the applications.
The board of JointAction Group Pty Ltd is comprised of a team of business, clinical, academic, insurance industry and technical experts whose philosophy is to improve the life of workers and reduce injury through advancements in solutions that also embrace the business imperatives of the customers.

Why choose Joint Action Solutions?

  • Our team is made up of medical, health, work safety, sports medicine, and IT professionals
  • Developed through industry consultation and validation; not adapted from other fields
  • Practical technology removes the need for traditional subjective analysis
  • Our solutions can be integrated into existing safety systems
  • Provides objective and verifiable data, stored securely in cloud systems
  • Our technology doesn’t just measure movement – it analyses the risk of injury based on task movement, action and posture compound risk profiles and consequence
  • Aligned to Australian Model Code of Practice - Hazardous Manual Tasks 2016  whereby the scoring method is been derived from extensive injury clinical and claims data
  • The system is easy to use, affordable, reliable and has global support

“I choose a product because it is run by good people, Joint Action are good people because they listen and act.  Joint Action has the depth of talent and experience we need to grow. Our business sees Joint Action Solutions as a competitive advantage” Meagan Blackburn, COO EMP